June 25, 2021

What is insurance?

There are unforeseen circumstances, and people have misfortunes. If natural environmental disasters and accidents are always the sword of Damocles that each of us faces, insurance companies are a shield to protect everyone's common interests, and are the best teaching methods to transfer corporate risks and compensate for losses. The term "insurance” as mentioned in the "Insurance Law” for single-choice questions means that the insured pays insurance premiums to the insurer in accordance with the contract,and the insurer shall be liable for indemnifying the insurance money for property losses caused by the occurrence of possible accidents as agreed in the contract, or The act of assuming the responsibility for payment of insurance money when the insured person dies, 保險紅利becomes disabled, ill, or reaches the contractual age and time limit.

According to the above definition, firstly, commercial insurance is a kind of civil legal act in the form of insurance contract and economic compensation as the content, which is different from social insurance based on national legislation; secondly, the insured must perform the payment obligation in accordance with the contract. In order to enjoy the right of compensation and economic compensation when an insured accident occurs, it is different from social relief based on unilateral grant; third, the performance of the insurer’s obligation to pay compensation (except for life insurance) is uncertain and depends on the contract The occurrence of an agreed accident (life insurance is also called an incident) is different from a savings system based on a certain beneficiary right.

The basic function of insurance is to transfer risks and compensate for losses, that is, the insured pays a small insurance premium and transfers the risk to the insurer; once a risk occurs, the loss will be shared, and many companies and individuals will share the burden of a small number of enterprises and individuals who have suffered disasters. loss. Therefore, it plays an important role in safeguarding family and personal development that cannot be underestimated in China. First of all, it can ensure the stability of family life. Due to limited personal financial resources, it is difficult to accumulate sufficient reserve funds to deal with natural disasters and man-made disasters. Once destroyed, normal life cannot continue. If individuals and families participate in property insurance and personal insurance, they can obtain compensation and benefits from the insurer according to the insurance contract, thereby ensuring the stability of family life; secondly, they can accumulate personal funds. Because corporate long-term life insurance companies have an investment management role similar to savings. Although participating in long-term life insurance does not buy the opportunity to profit from stocks, there is no risk, and economic security that is vital to life and death can also be obtained. Since the life insurance policy itself has a cash value, can be mortgaged, and can be transferred, it is generally regarded as a personal financial asset abroad. purchasing life insurance is undoubtedly the best way to obtain economic protection and maintain and increase currency value. Investment method.

The origin of insurance

Human development society has been faced with the intrusion of natural environmental disasters and accidents from the beginning. In the process of fighting against nature, ancient Chinese people have sprouted insurance management ideas and primitive insurance research methods to deal with disasters and accidents.

In ancient my country, successive dynasties paid great attention to accumulating valleys and preparing for shortages. Since the Zhou Dynasty in the 11th century BC, there has been a system of building reserve warehouses. In the Spring and Autumn period, Chinese Confucius research put forward the "fighting three surpluses and one" is a representative student thinking of preventing financial risks. Confucius believes that if one-third of the harvested grain can be stored every year, one full year of grain can be stored for three consecutive years.

The various relief preparation strategies implemented in ancient Chinese and foreign history all reflect the primitive insurance ideas of mutual assistance and contain the embryonic form of insurance. In modern times, insurance as a financial system began to appear on the historical stage. In 1667, the first fire insurance firm appeared in the United Kingdom, creating a modern way of operating insurance business. In 1762, Britain established the Fair Man Insurance Company, marking the formation of the modern life insurance system. In 1875, the Insurance Investment promotion Bureau of the Qing Government was established in Shanghai, setting a precedent for China's national insurance industry.

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June 22, 2021

The betrayal of the mixed prince?

The plastic Industry Technology Development Center (abbreviation: plastic Center) has the only biodegradation laboratory in China that has obtained the three-party certification of BpI in the United States, compostable spoonsDincertco in Germany, and the Environmental protection Agency. In recent years, major domestic and foreign brands have proposed to replace existing plastics with biodegradable plastics. Many suppliers have sent their own raw materials for verification. Huang Yuping, a specialist in the analysis business group of the Analytical Technology Department, said that the plastic center has completed the expansion of the laboratory this year. Currently, about a dozen sets of samples can be inspected, but customers still need to wait in line. After August next year, because the amount of inspection is very large.

Most of the plastic restriction policies proposed by countries around the world allow the use of alternative materials, but they need to pass a complete and rigorous "compostable plastic" (compostable) certification. "Compostable plastic needs to go through the two levels of biodegradable and compostable experiments to get it. Certification." He said, the composition of plastic is multi-molecule polymer, not a single material. Therefore, there are also photodegradable plastics, disintegrable plastics, and oxidative technology biodegradable plastics on the market. "However, these are not Biodegradation is not compostable plastic."

"These three plastics are just traditional plastics plus other materials. They will decompose naturally, but they will not decompose and cannot be composted. The plastic fragments left after the crushing have the same physical properties as the undecomposed plastic, which is easy for users to understand." Decomposition "helps long-term waste and causes environmental pollution.?” Huang Yuping said, just as traditional plastics can be added with some other substances, biodegradable plastics may also have different additives. "Therefore, biodegradable plastics do not necessarily mean that they can be composted. It has to go through testing conditions such as decomposition rate, disintegration degree, plant cytotoxicity, heavy metals, etc., before it can be called compostable plastic."

Decomposable mulch is the most widely used mulch and is called decomposable mulch. Video source: provided by Shaw Company.

It takes eight months for your name to be certified as compost plastic, and you have to grow vegetables to calculate the germination rate

The "Biodegradable Laboratory" of the plastics Center is the first and only laboratory institution in Taiwan that is certified by Dincertco in Germany, BpI in the United States, and TAF in China. "The laboratory is responsible for performing experiments, issuing reports, and issuing certifications. It is still certified by Dincertco, BpI and other certification units. Therefore, before conducting the test, the manufacturer needs to confirm the required test content with the certification unit."

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June 02, 2021

Risk factors and precautions for asthma

1. Genetic factors that trigger asthma: It can be reflected in many patients. For example, most of the relatives of patients (blood related, recent three generations) can be traced back to asthma (repeated coughing, wheezing) or other allergies History of sexual diseases (allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis).

2. The causes of asthma include environmental factors: most asthma patients are allergic, which may be accompanied by allergic rhinitis and/or atopic dermatitis, or to common airborne allergen mites, pollen, pets, etc. Molds,哮喘治療 certain food nuts, milk, peanuts, seafood, etc., drug allergies, etc.

So what should you pay attention to for asthma?

1. Don't reduce or stop taking medications abruptly, so as not to cause persistent asthma attacks.

2. Overcome inferiority complex and fear, avoid fatigue, tension and other factors.

Strengthen physical exercises, have a regular daily life, and avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee and other food that stimulate the bronchus.

3 Don't drive, swim, go out alone at night, etc. If you have a warning sign, you should lie down immediately to avoid falls.

In terms of diet: patients should avoid alcohol, irritating, greasy and fat foods to prevent dampness and phlegm, heat and fire, and aggravate the condition.

4. It is advisable to eat certain foods rich in minerals, such as: magnesium (found in whole wheat flour, millet, figs, meat, fish, nuts and beans); zinc (found in meat, internal organs of livestock, malt, Nuts, crabs, oysters and lentils) 肺炎病徵and calcium (mainly found in milk and dairy products), regular consumption of these foods can effectively prevent asthma.

5. It is advisable to eat raw fruits, which can reduce the frequency and severity of the disease.

6. The first episode of epilepsy is mostly empirical. Those who are physically strong, or who are suffering from windy phlegm, should have a light and nutritious diet, and eat more rice, noodles and vegetables.

7. For those with deficient or weak physique, they should prefer foods that nourish the liver and kidney, strengthen the spleen and aid transportation, and replenish qi and blood. Eat more lean pork, pig heart, pig liver, animal brain, longan meat, lotus seeds, wolfberry, etc.

8. You can eat more foods that moisturize the intestines (such as honey, bananas, walnuts, almonds, spinach, etc.) to maintain smooth stools.

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