May 18, 2023

Experience Bliss with a Bluetooth Vibrator Egg

The introduction:

In today's world, technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, including our intimate experiences. One such innovation has revolutionized pleasure is the bluetooth vibrator egg. With its combination of cutting-edge technology and sensual sensations, this remarkable device delivers unmatched ecstasy. We will explore how the Bluetooth Vibrator Egg enhances intimacy and elevates pleasure in this essay, by examining its features, benefits, and transformative potential.

The bluetooth vibrator egg melds technology and pleasure together in perfect harmony. Its discreet design fits comfortably and easily inside any intimate area, with body-safe materials always prioritizing safety and hygiene. This revolutionary device is tailored to provide the most sensational experiences imaginable – all in the palm of your hand! Its stylish look makes it a great addition to any romantic encounter.

The bluetooth vibrator egg stands out from regular pleasure devices due to its wireless capability through Bluetooth technology. By using a mobile phone or tablet, users have the capacity to customize and control its vibrations in great detail with the help of the app. This offers various vibration patterns and intensity levels that can be explored to find what brings the most enjoyment. Not only does this give users personalization options, but it also makes for innovative ways for partners to stay close even when they are far away from each other. This device creates an intimate connection between them adding a whole new layer to their relationship.

Privacy and discretion are fundamental when it comes to intimate devices. The bluetooth vibrator egg ensures that connection is secure and users' personal data remains confidential. Advanced encryption protocols provide assurance of privacy, encouraging individuals to fully enjoy the pleasure these devices provide without fear. Thus, trust in the technology is fostered, allowing users to indulge in their experiences with complete assurance.

In addition to its individual use, the bluetooth vibrator egg can also be used by couples looking to enhance their intimacy. Its wireless control feature enables partners to explore and please one another in ways they never thought possible. The device becomes a conduit for shared pleasure, strengthening emotional bonds and deepening intimacy between partners. Individuals can experience heightened sensations and an intensified connection by relinquishing control to their partner.

Long-distance relationships can be a challenge, particularly for sustaining physical intimacy. However, the bluetooth vibrator egg offers a novel solution to bridge the gap and bring partners even closer. Through its app, users can remotely control the device to create an illusion of presence and shared pleasure. This technology also provides an extra layer of interactivity by syncing vibrations with voice or video calls, making it easier to cope with long distances. Plus, it encourages couples to explore new realms of pleasure and connection that weren't possible before.

The Bluetooth Vibrator Egg has the capacity to be more than just a couples' toy. It can also be an aid for those who are interested in self-exploration and personal development. Users can have better insight into their bodies and sexual preferences by being in control of their own pleasure. The Egg serves as a way to gain understanding and confidence in oneself, encouraging people to revel in their sexuality and foster positive body image.

In conclusion:

In conclusion, the Bluetooth Vibrator Egg is a revolutionary product that pioneers a new standard for intimate pleasure. It offers unprecedented features like tech-infused functions, wireless capability and privacy protection. All of this has the potential to dramatically change how we enjoy our most intimate moments, providing us with new possibilities for sensation, bonding and self-discovery. Advancements in technology are truly able to bring forth previously unknown levels of bliss - the Bluetooth Vibrator Egg stands as a shining example of what is possible.

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August 17, 2021

Rheumatism and rheumatoid, no longer silly and confused

What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatic fever is generally considered to be an allergic reaction caused by infectious factors such as streptococcus. Rheumatoid arthritis is the main manifestation of rheumatic fever in the joints.

This sentence is a bit awkward to read. Let me recite key words.

Rheumatoid arthritis is actually a component of rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever,類風濕關節炎 in addition to fever, endocarditis, shortness of breath, rash, etc., can also cause redness, swelling, heat, and pain in the joints. This is rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatic fever is caused by infectious factors such as streptococcus or virus. In other words, respiratory infections often occur before the onset of rheumatic fever. These viruses invade your body, not only make you catch a cold and fever your tonsils, but also cause joint problems.

The symptoms of rheumatic fever are the body's allergic reaction to these viruses. I've heard of allergies, it's just a rash? It's a very narrow field of vision, allergies include many things. The body is allergic to the toxins or metabolites produced by these bacteria and bacteria. Symptoms of allergy are throat inflammation (redness, swelling, heat, pain), pharyngitis, tonsillitis, endocarditis or myocarditis, and arthritis.

If you want to treat rheumatic fever, you must first treat the infection.

Well, now that we have figured out the basic concept of this disease, let's take a look at the main features of degenerative arthritis.

A: Usually there is infection before the onset. The most common respiratory infections are colds, fever, and tonsil inflammation.

B: It mainly involves large joints. That is, knees, hips, shoulders, ankles, elbows, wrists, etc.

c: Joint pain is characterized by "walking". What do you mean? My shoulder hurts, my knee hurts, and my hip hurts again. There is no fixed location for pain.

D: Severe systemic inflammation, usually fever, skin erythema, heart discomfort, etc.

E: The white blood cells are often increased in the blood test.

F: The anti-"O" test result is strongly positive.

Rheumatoid arthritis is more common in children. Due to poor resistance, it is easy to be infected by bacteria and viruses. In addition, the immune system is not fully developed, and allergic reactions are prone to occur.

Nowadays, due to the improvement of sanitation and medical conditions, the number of adults suffering from rheumatic fever is very small, which was very high in the past. Many cases of rheumatic heart disease are the cause of recurrent rheumatic fever.

Because this disease is caused by infection, it is relatively easy to treat, but due to personal physical reasons, it is easy to recur repeatedly. There are few remaining problems such as joint deformities, but if they are not thoroughly treated, streptococci may camp in places such as heart valves and become rheumatic heart disease.

To sum up: Streptococcus, allergic reactions, migratory arthritis, fever, high blood pressure, and recurrence tendencies are the key words for degenerative arthritis. Although not all of these symptoms will appear, the more symptoms there are, the more likely it is to become clue.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about wind, cold and dampness, which is also related to this disease. Cold etc. It will lead to a decline in the body's resistance, and bacteria and viruses will take advantage of the deficiency and cause diseases. probably so, I am not studying Chinese medicine, but I personally understand it. If there is an error, thank you for your correction.

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July 20, 2021

How to lighten the scars on the face

The first type, ginger slices fade

In fact, many girls know very well that ginger slices are a good helper to fade scars. As long as the ginger slice is gently rubbed on the scars on the face, it will definitely have the effect of diminishing the scars.開刀疤痕 However, it is important to remember that fresh ginger is the best choice for ginger. Such ginger slices have sufficient ingredients and are also very effective in diminishing scars.

The second method of applying vitamin E

Applying vitamin EC can penetrate into the skin and exert its moisturizing effect. At the same time, vitamin E can also maintain skin elasticity. But you may not be familiar with the effect of vitamin E on scar removal. prick the vitamin E capsule with a needle, take the liquid inside and apply it to the scar and gently rub it for 5-10 minutes, twice a day. If you insist, it will have a good effect.

The third, massage

Rub the scar with the root of the palm of your hand, three times a day, each time for 5-10 minutes. This method works best for newly formed scars, but is weaker for old scars.

Fourth, compression therapy

Stick to the cosmetic tape on the scar and massage hard to make the scar gradually smooth. Forced treatment can reduce the stretching force of the wound, flatten and thin the scar.

How to repair and fade scars on the face

1. Use massage to remove scars

Often by massaging the face, the blood system will circulate faster, and the repairing technical ability of such a skin will also be enhanced. In fact, for the scars that have just taken off the blood scab, the method of massage is completely different. Our teacher can apply some first It is a skin care product with the main function of Chinese repair, and then gently rub it with the palm of the hand, and continue to massage for about two weeks, the scar will be lightened.

2. Ginger slices to remove scars

Ginger often does not appear on our dining table. Chicken ginger can also inhibit the growth of granulation tissue. Cut fresh ginger into thin slices, and then students gently wipe the scar area, and then apply ginger slices to the scar, every few days Change every minute and keep studying for about two weeks, the scars don't look as obvious as my own business.

3. Apply vitamin C and vitamin E to remove scars

In fact, after female friends in their 20s, everyone should take vitamin C and vitamin E appropriately. The scars are darker. Female friends can apply vitamin C to the scars because the whitening effect of vitamin C is very significant and can be effective. Reduce female pigmentation, and vitamin E can enhance the elasticity of the skin, penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue,

4. Use lavender essential oil to remove scars

Lavender essential oil can help improve people’s soothing and calmness, and it can also fade scars. As long as the essential oil is applied to the scar, and we gently research and massage, but the single lavender essential oil often needs to be properly formulated, which may affect the comparison trouble. You can buy the compound lavender essential oil directly.

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July 06, 2021

How to treat urinary incontinence based on syndrome differentiation?

1) Deficiency of Kidney Qi

Symptoms: Inability to urinate, self-inflicted at any time, frequent and long urination, cold back, cold limbs, white complexion [white light], fatigue, weakness of the knees and waist, weakness of the two feet, or premature ejaculation,漏尿 impotence, pale tongue Fat with tooth marks, thin white fur, heavy and weak pulse.

Treatment method: warming the kidney and solidifying astringent.

Main prescription: Gongti pill and Jisheng dodder pill

Addition: If the coke is good, add poria, bone fat, and meat paste on the base of the spring pill; if the coke is good, you can add poria, bone fat, and meat paste on the base of the spring pill.

2) Deficiency of lung and spleen Qi

Symptoms: Uncontrolled urination, repeated dyspnea, coughing and wheezing, spleen deficiency, weakness of limbs, loose stools, lower diarrhea, pale tongue, thin white fur, constipation and fatigue.

Treatment method: invigorate the spleen and nourish the lungs.

Main recipe: Buzhong Yiqi Decoction with Flavor

Modification: If sleepy and not awake, add calamus, polygala sobriety, and also to relieve phlegm and dampness;尿失禁 for loose stools, add ginger to warm the spleen and remove cold to stop diarrhea; for cough and phlegm, add Faxia, tangerine peel, Loft leaf, ginkgo, coltsfoot.

3) Deficiency of liver and kidney yin

Syndrome: incontinence to urinate, short and astringent urination, dizziness and tinnitus, sore back and legs, body weight loss, or flushing of cheeks, fever of five nerves, poor sleep at night, dry stool, red tongue with little moss, narrow pulse.

Treatment method: nourish liver and kidney, supplemented with astringent.

Addition and subtraction: Short and astringent urine can be added to clear heat and dampness by adding poria cocos, Scutellaria barbata, Houttuynia cordata; for low fever, add Digupi, Danpi, Suanzaoren, polygala to clear deficiency and heat and soothe the nerves.

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June 25, 2021

What is insurance?

There are unforeseen circumstances, and people have misfortunes. If natural environmental disasters and accidents are always the sword of Damocles that each of us faces, insurance companies are a shield to protect everyone's common interests, and are the best teaching methods to transfer corporate risks and compensate for losses. The term "insurance” as mentioned in the "Insurance Law” for single-choice questions means that the insured pays insurance premiums to the insurer in accordance with the contract,and the insurer shall be liable for indemnifying the insurance money for property losses caused by the occurrence of possible accidents as agreed in the contract, or The act of assuming the responsibility for payment of insurance money when the insured person dies, 保險紅利becomes disabled, ill, or reaches the contractual age and time limit.

According to the above definition, firstly, commercial insurance is a kind of civil legal act in the form of insurance contract and economic compensation as the content, which is different from social insurance based on national legislation; secondly, the insured must perform the payment obligation in accordance with the contract. In order to enjoy the right of compensation and economic compensation when an insured accident occurs, it is different from social relief based on unilateral grant; third, the performance of the insurer’s obligation to pay compensation (except for life insurance) is uncertain and depends on the contract The occurrence of an agreed accident (life insurance is also called an incident) is different from a savings system based on a certain beneficiary right.

The basic function of insurance is to transfer risks and compensate for losses, that is, the insured pays a small insurance premium and transfers the risk to the insurer; once a risk occurs, the loss will be shared, and many companies and individuals will share the burden of a small number of enterprises and individuals who have suffered disasters. loss. Therefore, it plays an important role in safeguarding family and personal development that cannot be underestimated in China. First of all, it can ensure the stability of family life. Due to limited personal financial resources, it is difficult to accumulate sufficient reserve funds to deal with natural disasters and man-made disasters. Once destroyed, normal life cannot continue. If individuals and families participate in property insurance and personal insurance, they can obtain compensation and benefits from the insurer according to the insurance contract, thereby ensuring the stability of family life; secondly, they can accumulate personal funds. Because corporate long-term life insurance companies have an investment management role similar to savings. Although participating in long-term life insurance does not buy the opportunity to profit from stocks, there is no risk, and economic security that is vital to life and death can also be obtained. Since the life insurance policy itself has a cash value, can be mortgaged, and can be transferred, it is generally regarded as a personal financial asset abroad. purchasing life insurance is undoubtedly the best way to obtain economic protection and maintain and increase currency value. Investment method.

The origin of insurance

Human development society has been faced with the intrusion of natural environmental disasters and accidents from the beginning. In the process of fighting against nature, ancient Chinese people have sprouted insurance management ideas and primitive insurance research methods to deal with disasters and accidents.

In ancient my country, successive dynasties paid great attention to accumulating valleys and preparing for shortages. Since the Zhou Dynasty in the 11th century BC, there has been a system of building reserve warehouses. In the Spring and Autumn period, Chinese Confucius research put forward the "fighting three surpluses and one" is a representative student thinking of preventing financial risks. Confucius believes that if one-third of the harvested grain can be stored every year, one full year of grain can be stored for three consecutive years.

The various relief preparation strategies implemented in ancient Chinese and foreign history all reflect the primitive insurance ideas of mutual assistance and contain the embryonic form of insurance. In modern times, insurance as a financial system began to appear on the historical stage. In 1667, the first fire insurance firm appeared in the United Kingdom, creating a modern way of operating insurance business. In 1762, Britain established the Fair Man Insurance Company, marking the formation of the modern life insurance system. In 1875, the Insurance Investment promotion Bureau of the Qing Government was established in Shanghai, setting a precedent for China's national insurance industry.

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June 22, 2021

The betrayal of the mixed prince?

The plastic Industry Technology Development Center (abbreviation: plastic Center) has the only biodegradation laboratory in China that has obtained the three-party certification of BpI in the United States, compostable spoonsDincertco in Germany, and the Environmental protection Agency. In recent years, major domestic and foreign brands have proposed to replace existing plastics with biodegradable plastics. Many suppliers have sent their own raw materials for verification. Huang Yuping, a specialist in the analysis business group of the Analytical Technology Department, said that the plastic center has completed the expansion of the laboratory this year. Currently, about a dozen sets of samples can be inspected, but customers still need to wait in line. After August next year, because the amount of inspection is very large.

Most of the plastic restriction policies proposed by countries around the world allow the use of alternative materials, but they need to pass a complete and rigorous "compostable plastic" (compostable) certification. "Compostable plastic needs to go through the two levels of biodegradable and compostable experiments to get it. Certification." He said, the composition of plastic is multi-molecule polymer, not a single material. Therefore, there are also photodegradable plastics, disintegrable plastics, and oxidative technology biodegradable plastics on the market. "However, these are not Biodegradation is not compostable plastic."

"These three plastics are just traditional plastics plus other materials. They will decompose naturally, but they will not decompose and cannot be composted. The plastic fragments left after the crushing have the same physical properties as the undecomposed plastic, which is easy for users to understand." Decomposition "helps long-term waste and causes environmental pollution.?” Huang Yuping said, just as traditional plastics can be added with some other substances, biodegradable plastics may also have different additives. "Therefore, biodegradable plastics do not necessarily mean that they can be composted. It has to go through testing conditions such as decomposition rate, disintegration degree, plant cytotoxicity, heavy metals, etc., before it can be called compostable plastic."

Decomposable mulch is the most widely used mulch and is called decomposable mulch. Video source: provided by Shaw Company.

It takes eight months for your name to be certified as compost plastic, and you have to grow vegetables to calculate the germination rate

The "Biodegradable Laboratory" of the plastics Center is the first and only laboratory institution in Taiwan that is certified by Dincertco in Germany, BpI in the United States, and TAF in China. "The laboratory is responsible for performing experiments, issuing reports, and issuing certifications. It is still certified by Dincertco, BpI and other certification units. Therefore, before conducting the test, the manufacturer needs to confirm the required test content with the certification unit."

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June 02, 2021

Risk factors and precautions for asthma

1. Genetic factors that trigger asthma: It can be reflected in many patients. For example, most of the relatives of patients (blood related, recent three generations) can be traced back to asthma (repeated coughing, wheezing) or other allergies History of sexual diseases (allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis).

2. The causes of asthma include environmental factors: most asthma patients are allergic, which may be accompanied by allergic rhinitis and/or atopic dermatitis, or to common airborne allergen mites, pollen, pets, etc. Molds,哮喘治療 certain food nuts, milk, peanuts, seafood, etc., drug allergies, etc.

So what should you pay attention to for asthma?

1. Don't reduce or stop taking medications abruptly, so as not to cause persistent asthma attacks.

2. Overcome inferiority complex and fear, avoid fatigue, tension and other factors.

Strengthen physical exercises, have a regular daily life, and avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee and other food that stimulate the bronchus.

3 Don't drive, swim, go out alone at night, etc. If you have a warning sign, you should lie down immediately to avoid falls.

In terms of diet: patients should avoid alcohol, irritating, greasy and fat foods to prevent dampness and phlegm, heat and fire, and aggravate the condition.

4. It is advisable to eat certain foods rich in minerals, such as: magnesium (found in whole wheat flour, millet, figs, meat, fish, nuts and beans); zinc (found in meat, internal organs of livestock, malt, Nuts, crabs, oysters and lentils) 肺炎病徵and calcium (mainly found in milk and dairy products), regular consumption of these foods can effectively prevent asthma.

5. It is advisable to eat raw fruits, which can reduce the frequency and severity of the disease.

6. The first episode of epilepsy is mostly empirical. Those who are physically strong, or who are suffering from windy phlegm, should have a light and nutritious diet, and eat more rice, noodles and vegetables.

7. For those with deficient or weak physique, they should prefer foods that nourish the liver and kidney, strengthen the spleen and aid transportation, and replenish qi and blood. Eat more lean pork, pig heart, pig liver, animal brain, longan meat, lotus seeds, wolfberry, etc.

8. You can eat more foods that moisturize the intestines (such as honey, bananas, walnuts, almonds, spinach, etc.) to maintain smooth stools.

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May 21, 2021

Some common foods that the more you eat, the thinner you eat

1. Winter melon. It has a diuretic effect, can drain water and reduce weight. For example, frequent consumption of wax gourd can change the starch and sugars in the food and prevent them from turning into fat. In addition, winter melon is rich in vitamins and low in calories.

2. Cucumber contains lactal acid, which can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. Cucumber is also rich in cellulose, which can strengthen gastrointestinal motility, smooth stools, and has low calorie content.

3. Loofah The soap and mucus contained in loofah are good for smooth stools and low calorie content. In addition, loofah is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, A, C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

4. White radish contains mustard oil and amylase, which helps digestion and the metabolism of fatty foods, and prevents the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. White radish also has the effect of ventilating and promoting defecation.

5. porphyra has high fiber content, low fat content, easy to produce satiety, and has the function of clearing heat and diuresis.

6. Leek is rich in fiber, can smooth the bowel movement, excrete excessive protein and fat in the intestine, and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

7. Kelp contains a lot of fiber and inorganic elements (especially the content of potassium is very rich), has laxative and diuretic functions.

8. Mung bean sprouts have high water content and very few calories. They are not easy to form fat, 減肥水果and they also have the function of diuresis.

9. Capsicum has the function of consuming body fat, is rich in vitamins, and has low calorie content.

10. Apples contain pectin, which is a soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol. Apple is also rich in crude fiber, which can absorb a lot of water and slow down the body's absorption of sugar. At the same time, it can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promote bowel movements.

11. Lemon contains more citric acid, which can promote the secretion of gastric juice, promote intestinal peristalsis, and is good for laxative.

12. Tea It is generally believed that tea has the effects of eliminating greasiness, reducing fat and reducing fat.

13. Vinegar The amino acids rich in vinegar can promote the decomposition of body fat and the metabolism of carbohydrates.

14. Rabbit meat The fat content is very low, and most of them are unsaturated fatty acids, so long-term consumption will not cause fat accumulation in the body.

15. Chixiaodou is a high-protein, low-fat food. It has the effects of clearing heat and diuresis, promoting blood circulation and reducing swelling, and can promote defecation.

16. Garlic inhibits the formation of enzymes, thereby reducing the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol (the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol is inseparable from the participation of enzymes).

17. Fungus is a kind of food with high protein, low fat, more water and more minerals. It also contains a polysaccharide substance that can lower blood cholesterol, lose weight and fight cancer.

18. Lotus leaf tea: Use fresh lotus leaves 50 to 100 grams (25 grams of dried lotus leaves) to decoct the decoction instead of tea daily for 3 months, which can significantly reduce body weight.

19. Quail Quail meat is a high-protein, low-fat, and multi-vitamin food, and its cholesterol content is also very low. It is an ideal meat for weight loss.

20. Sinuo grape is made of pure natural fruit extracts, which can burn fat and lose weight healthily.



Often doing some exercise can also lose weight

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August 12, 2019



















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August 05, 2019














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July 23, 2019





想得到更全面的泰拳(thai boxing)或拳擊(boxing)技巧之帶氧運動,除提高心肺功能,並能鍛鍊身體、健美體態、舒緩情緒及增強個人自信心,請從速報名參加。












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July 15, 2019

Exilis pro去眼袋年輕修復療程年轻修复疗程 輪廓拉提療程快速修復眼部鬆弛

如果在生活中皮膚護理不正確,或者平時沒有注重眼周肌膚的補水,很容易導致出現幹紋細紋的問題,導致皮膚加速衰老,自然就會造成很嚴重的眼部鬆弛。如果想針對性的解決皮膚鬆弛的問題,讓眼部肌膚變得更加緊實飽滿,New Beauty 的Exilis pro去眼袋年輕修復療就具有很明顯的效果。

如果眼部鬆弛問題比較嚴重,通過Exilis pro輪廓拉提療程,就能得到很好的緩解效果,讓皮膚狀態得到更好調整,真正達到安全無痛的治療效果,讓皮膚深層結構得到全面調整,收緊面部輪廓的效果就很明顯,自然就會讓眼部鬆弛的問題得到全面解決,讓肌膚恢復正常的彈性狀態,啟動膠原緊致肌膚的效果更好。

Exilis pro療程更加專業安全有效,效果持續性很強安全可靠性更高,不用擔心的皮膚造成任何傷害和刺激,更不用擔心出現副作用的情況,直達皮膚真皮層進行全面調整,活化肌膚底層皮下組織纖維,讓結構得到全面調整,自然就會讓皮膚狀態變得更完美,而且緊致面部輪廓的效果也會更好。
通過Exilis pro療程,不僅針對性解決的問題,還會達到緊致瘦臉的效果,讓面部輪廓變得更加緊致,皮膚狀態會更加飽滿透亮,讓皮膚真皮層膠原蛋白組織增生效果更好,解決各種皮膚瑕疵問題,讓皮膚鬆弛的問題得到更全面解決。


眼部鬆弛怎麼辦?找香港new beauty选择合适的疗程





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July 11, 2019





















國內油價迎下半年首次調整 機構預測或止跌上調

中國平安回購馬不停蹄 21天買足50億元觸及回購計劃下限


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July 08, 2019







菲律賓比索幣找許氏兄弟找換 快速又安全


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June 25, 2019












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June 19, 2019


心態真的很關鍵,尤其是對於沒什么經驗的小萌新來說,I mean那些以前沒什么混社團混部門的老司機經驗的旁友們(比如我,哈哈)。



全程大概是:1. 自我介紹1min(忘詞了喵!豹哭!)
2. 怎么在這個崗位做好?(事實證明,用一大堆正能量的形容詞來描述的效果是——零!面試官自動過濾)
3. 你進過我們的超市嗎?感覺它和一般的超市有什么不同?(沒去過,被迫自動略過這個問題)



1. 非常優秀的同場面試者

2. 非常嚴厲的面試官

3. 不充分的准備(對面試單位的了解,對自身情況的掌握,妝容和衣著)應對策略(只針對學生面試):

YouFind 見工的優勢,首先是新聞、資訊傳播管道的改變,媒介融合後,互聯網憑借強大的時效性成為資訊傳播的主要管道

2. 錯的比沒有好。這是我其中一場一面的深刻體悟!!(太深刻了差點被刷掉了)








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June 17, 2019


















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May 25, 2017

5 Foundations Every Successful Relationship Needs

Having a happy and successful relationship can be a struggle.

It seems that all too often, our relationships go downhill over time, and we are left to wonder "why can’t things just be the way they used to be?”.

Foundations are the key to maintaining all the goodness in your relationship. They will determine the quality and success of your relationships years down the track.

"A house must be built on solid foundations if it is to last. The same principle applies to man” - Sai Baba

If you use the following foundations in your relationship, you will have an incredibly long-lasting, happy and successful relationship.

1. Laugh together
Laughter is a very powerful thing!

Did you know that laughter is even used as a form of therapy? This is because it has such a positive effect on us.

When you laugh with your partner, it shows that you enjoy each others company, feel positive towards one another and actually "like” each other.

"It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either”. - Wayne Dyer

That’s right, laughter is a choice! And it involves choosing to feel happy towards each other, and not angry or negative.

All too often you see couples who are never happy when they are together. They have become frustrated and are used to each other. And sadly, they lose the excitement and the appreciation they once shared for each other.

If you can relate to this, and would like to bring life and joy back into your relationship, then chose laughter.

Choose to make your partner laugh at least once a day.

If you want to, you can even think of it as relationship therapy, since laughing is a real form of therapy!

2. Know each others love language
Did you know that we all have different love languages?

Love languages are the different ways that we all communicate and understand love.

Your love language and that of your partner can be as different as Chinese and English!

So it is absolutely essential that you learn your partners love language.

"We must be willing to learn our spouses love language if we are to be effective communicators of love” - Dr Gary Chapman

Here are the 5 different love languages:

Words of affirmation
Quality time
Receiving gifts
Acts of service
Physical touch
We all have one or two major love languages.

Here is an example of the importance of understanding your partners love language:

If your love language is physical touch, a kiss will speak louder than 1000 words – but,
If your love language is words of affirmation, one kind or affirming word will speak louder than 1000 kisses
You might be showing love to your partner in every way that you know how and still, they might be telling you that you don’t love them enough. Well, it’s no secret anymore! You need to learn their love language.

3. Understand love as an action
As you can probably tell from the above point, love is an action.

Love is understanding how your partner feels loved, and then doing it.

People often think that love is a feeling, and that once the feeling disappears – there is little hope for their relationship.

Well it’s absolutely not true!

"Love is a verb. Love – the feeling – is a fruit of love, the verb” – Stephen Covey

This quote shows us that "feeling in love” is just as much of a choice as "Loving as an action”.

When you choose to love your partner (even if they didn’t do anything to deserve it), you are showing them real love. Love, that is unconditional and that does not rely on them loving you first.

If you view "love as a feeling”, you will both be waiting and waiting – and you still won’t "feel it”.

So understand love as an action and a choice, and then do it! You will have an incredibly happy and fulfilling relationship because of it.

4. Don’t cross the line
This is one of the most important things to remember for a happy and successful relationship.

There are certain things that we never want to say or do to our partner. These are things that you would consider "crossing the line”.

Maybe for you "crossing the line” means:

Losing your temper
Yelling or screaming at your partner
Saying I hate you
Saying something unkind to your partner
Using manipulation to get what you want
Going to sleep while being angry at your partner
Not saying sorry when you know you should have
Getting aggressive towards your partner
Bringing your partner down because you were angry
These are all damaging things for a relationship, but if you ask any child "Do your parents do any of these things” most of them would probably say yes to a number of them.

My theory is – that once you "cross the line”, it becomes easier and easier to do it again and again.

You might not like to do those things but in the heat of an argument – if you have already said "I hate you” once before, it becomes a LOT easier to say it again.

If you want a happy and successful relationship, try really hard to not "cross the line”.

Your relationship will be so much better off for it and you will stand a better chance at actually "liking each other” years down the track.

5. Apologize often
We all make mistakes. We all say and do damaging things to our relationship.

We are simply human.

Successful relationships rely on us admitting when we are wrong and then moving past it.

Apologizing makes the process of moving on 1000% times faster and easier.

When we don’t apologize when we know we should, we are being proud.

Love is not prideful.

"In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes” - John Ruskin

To have a successful relationship, apologize often – so that you don’t make the mistake of being proud.

Well, that’s it for the 5 foundations every relationship needs to have. If you use these foundations, the chances of having an incredibly happy, long-lasting and successful relationship will increase astronomically. Good luck!

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