June 02, 2021

Risk factors and precautions for asthma

1. Genetic factors that trigger asthma: It can be reflected in many patients. For example, most of the relatives of patients (blood related, recent three generations) can be traced back to asthma (repeated coughing, wheezing) or other allergies History of sexual diseases (allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis).

2. The causes of asthma include environmental factors: most asthma patients are allergic, which may be accompanied by allergic rhinitis and/or atopic dermatitis, or to common airborne allergen mites, pollen, pets, etc. Molds,哮喘治療 certain food nuts, milk, peanuts, seafood, etc., drug allergies, etc.

So what should you pay attention to for asthma?

1. Don't reduce or stop taking medications abruptly, so as not to cause persistent asthma attacks.

2. Overcome inferiority complex and fear, avoid fatigue, tension and other factors.

Strengthen physical exercises, have a regular daily life, and avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee and other food that stimulate the bronchus.

3 Don't drive, swim, go out alone at night, etc. If you have a warning sign, you should lie down immediately to avoid falls.

In terms of diet: patients should avoid alcohol, irritating, greasy and fat foods to prevent dampness and phlegm, heat and fire, and aggravate the condition.

4. It is advisable to eat certain foods rich in minerals, such as: magnesium (found in whole wheat flour, millet, figs, meat, fish, nuts and beans); zinc (found in meat, internal organs of livestock, malt, Nuts, crabs, oysters and lentils) 肺炎病徵and calcium (mainly found in milk and dairy products), regular consumption of these foods can effectively prevent asthma.

5. It is advisable to eat raw fruits, which can reduce the frequency and severity of the disease.

6. The first episode of epilepsy is mostly empirical. Those who are physically strong, or who are suffering from windy phlegm, should have a light and nutritious diet, and eat more rice, noodles and vegetables.

7. For those with deficient or weak physique, they should prefer foods that nourish the liver and kidney, strengthen the spleen and aid transportation, and replenish qi and blood. Eat more lean pork, pig heart, pig liver, animal brain, longan meat, lotus seeds, wolfberry, etc.

8. You can eat more foods that moisturize the intestines (such as honey, bananas, walnuts, almonds, spinach, etc.) to maintain smooth stools.

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Asthma often recurs, so patients with asthma should pay attention to prevention.

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