July 20, 2021

How to lighten the scars on the face

The first type, ginger slices fade

In fact, many girls know very well that ginger slices are a good helper to fade scars. As long as the ginger slice is gently rubbed on the scars on the face, it will definitely have the effect of diminishing the scars.開刀疤痕 However, it is important to remember that fresh ginger is the best choice for ginger. Such ginger slices have sufficient ingredients and are also very effective in diminishing scars.

The second method of applying vitamin E

Applying vitamin EC can penetrate into the skin and exert its moisturizing effect. At the same time, vitamin E can also maintain skin elasticity. But you may not be familiar with the effect of vitamin E on scar removal. prick the vitamin E capsule with a needle, take the liquid inside and apply it to the scar and gently rub it for 5-10 minutes, twice a day. If you insist, it will have a good effect.

The third, massage

Rub the scar with the root of the palm of your hand, three times a day, each time for 5-10 minutes. This method works best for newly formed scars, but is weaker for old scars.

Fourth, compression therapy

Stick to the cosmetic tape on the scar and massage hard to make the scar gradually smooth. Forced treatment can reduce the stretching force of the wound, flatten and thin the scar.

How to repair and fade scars on the face

1. Use massage to remove scars

Often by massaging the face, the blood system will circulate faster, and the repairing technical ability of such a skin will also be enhanced. In fact, for the scars that have just taken off the blood scab, the method of massage is completely different. Our teacher can apply some first It is a skin care product with the main function of Chinese repair, and then gently rub it with the palm of the hand, and continue to massage for about two weeks, the scar will be lightened.

2. Ginger slices to remove scars

Ginger often does not appear on our dining table. Chicken ginger can also inhibit the growth of granulation tissue. Cut fresh ginger into thin slices, and then students gently wipe the scar area, and then apply ginger slices to the scar, every few days Change every minute and keep studying for about two weeks, the scars don't look as obvious as my own business.

3. Apply vitamin C and vitamin E to remove scars

In fact, after female friends in their 20s, everyone should take vitamin C and vitamin E appropriately. The scars are darker. Female friends can apply vitamin C to the scars because the whitening effect of vitamin C is very significant and can be effective. Reduce female pigmentation, and vitamin E can enhance the elasticity of the skin, penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue,

4. Use lavender essential oil to remove scars

Lavender essential oil can help improve people’s soothing and calmness, and it can also fade scars. As long as the essential oil is applied to the scar, and we gently research and massage, but the single lavender essential oil often needs to be properly formulated, which may affect the comparison trouble. You can buy the compound lavender essential oil directly.

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